At first glance the blog “An international Student’s Life in Canada” strikes me as professional and an easy to navigate blog. He clearly displays the main focuses of his website while further elaborating on them in his “About” section of the blog. In addition, he has menus which allow you to easily navigate to the section of the blog which you are interested in viewing. I’m particularly interested in how the blogger is originally from Hong Kong and whether there will be any similarities or differences from those of a Canadian. This especially ties in to his “About” page where he states that there was a culture shock when he first came to Canada and the thoughts a person may have when first coming to Canada. Some of the critics that I have for his website would be for the music portion of the blog, photography, and travel. The content there already gives us a good idea of the author of the website and the passions he has and what kind of entertainment he enjoys. Examples of this include the list of his favorite songs as well as his enjoyment for the band Cold play. I especially enjoyed how he discussed why he supported this particular band and gave us some background to them. The one critic I have for this section is that if he was going to do this on a weekly basis or as a common re occurrence. That he maybe selects a few songs each week instead of submitting a whole playlist. That way he won’t have to create a mass playlist each time and will be able to constantly have content for that page. He could even go in depth on a couple of songs or Artists and the reasons behind his enjoyment for them. As for the travel part of the blog. There isn’t anything currently there right now and I’m not sure what you’re going to add to it since it’s going to be difficult to travel to many places while taking classes at SFU. Maybe he’ll be posting stories and photos from places previously visited and explored. Either way I’m extremely excited to the see what fills this currently blank page. Finally, pertaining to the photo part of the blog. He explains his passion for photography and displays some wonderful photos of Hong Kong. I’m not sure whether these photos are his own or not. Although, if they are then I’m thoroughly impressed. I’m assuming he’s going to either post photos of his own here or perhaps photos that he enjoys and what they mean to him. Furthermore, if posting his own photography; I’m sure adding the specs of the cameras that you’re using will be of great interest to others who have a passion for photography as well. Either way, I’m looking forward to the beautiful photography that’s going to be captured on this page. Overall, I’m rather pleased with the crispness of the website and the ease of navigating its menu’s pages. I’m presuming this blogs layout isn’t completely developed yet. Although It’s currently on the right track and I look forward to seeing it’s future development and the interesting stories, photos, and music that come along with it.